Every corporation with a strong product line and a strong brand name knows what it’s like to go through a brand crisis event. When they occur they shake your company’s core foundation, but you can easily turn a horrible situation into a good one, and there are plenty of examples and corporate history of PR teams that have done just that.

For instance, when Tylenol was found to have a poisonous substance in it, the company immediately pulled all the Tylenol off the shelf,BONANZAJP and introduced that it would now have secured packaging so nothing like this could ever happen again. This was great for Tylenol, but unfortunate for their competition that did not have the safety, special seals on their packaging.

Having tamperproof products turned out to be a public relations bonanza for Tylenol and actually increase sales. This of course is just one example of turning a terrible negative into an incredible product advantage, thus enhancing brand. Now people know their product is safe, and they trust it even more because the company did the right thing.

Not all Brand Crisis Management occurrences turnout as great, a lot of it has to do with their crisis management abilities and the people on their communications relations and PR teams. There’s obviously a right way and wrong way to do it. Things happen a lot faster now with social networks, twitter, and the nightly television news.

Still, with all this attention focused on your company, and if you can get out in front of the story you can turn something like this into an incredible positive and increase sales through proper media communication. Please consider all this.


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