As of now, there are three different types of film cameras in production today: Box cameras, Folding-Roll cameras, and Viewfinder cameras. For the newbie, making out the difference between the three can be difficult, and this article will help you make up your mind when you decide to buy your camera.

For the typical amateur photographer, the box camera has long been the gadget of choice. These are cheap and simple, deliver more than satisfactory results, and are very easy to use. Box cameras usually have a single-speed shutter and a single-element lens.

The folding-roll camera is also quite popular with aspiring photographers, though not quite as popular as the box camera. These type of cameras come in several formats, but typically, folding-roll cameras were like a box camera with one exception: the lens was mounted on a movable disk that allowed it to slide back and forth, making it easy to change focus from close range to long range.

The main advantage that folding-roll cameras have over box cameras is that they can be folded up neatly and thus, are easy to transport. Buy used film cameras They are also the preferred instruments of more professional photographers on account of their ability to produce large negatives.

The next type of film camera is the viewfinder camera. Instead of using a lens, these type of cameras rely on various viewing systems in the camera for focus and aiming. In this type of camera, there are usually two images in the viewfinder. One of the images is slightly yellow in color and occupies a small portion of the viewing area. The photographer has to adjust the lens focus slowly, and as he does so, the two images move. When they sit directly on top of each other, they blend together and appear as one image. This signifies that the camera is in focus and the picture can be taken. As you can imagine, this complicated system of functioning doesn’t make them very popular with amateur photographers.

Take your pick from any of these three type of film cameras outlined above. While digital photography is becoming more and more popular today, the results and the charm of a film camera just cannot be matched by a digital camera.

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