There is something so sticky and enticing about being a  Dramacool drama king or queen. We’ve all experienced the desire to spread gossip, to exaggerate an already difficult situation, or to spread bad news. If you’ve ever been in a near miss, almost accident, you probably have heard yourself proclaiming how you almost died. But there’s an equal truth that you didn’t.

What is so enticing about exploiting or exaggerating situations to dramatic proportions? Why is it so easy to focus on the headlines of the day or moment? Staying in the headlines is a habit and it can serve several purposes. Sometimes being in the drama is energizing. It spices things up and makes us feel more alive. Sometimes it can make us feel important to ourselves or others. And sometimes, we believe deep down that the drama is all there is, and that it’s the only way to have power, control, and be safe on this Earth.

Remaining in drama is a choice. It’s a wonderful choice, an often exhilarating choice. But drama isn’t the same thing as happiness or joy. If you really want to have more happiness in your life, teach yourself to stay out of the headlines and drama of life.

You always have a choice to stay out of the headlines, or to buy into them. If your choice is to move right on by the headlines, then take a deep, conscious breath and bring the bigger picture back into focus. Remember who you are and what you are moving toward. Ask yourself, “What is the whole point of what I am doing, saying, focusing on, and expending my energy on?”

Happiness, joy, and inner peace expand as you use every opportunity to imagine your life working out well. Imagine and feel the abundance of life flowing joy into this very moment. Be open to the potential of things working out for the best. Now that’s exciting!


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