Social Media for Network Marketing… Five years ago, if someone said I’d be writing about this, I wouldn’t have believed it. Even though these days everyone under the sun seems to be on Facebook, this strategy of marketing is relatively new, considering network marketing has been around for nearly 100 years.

When I began in this field just seven years ago, most companies actually had policies against promoting on social media for network marketing, because it was not yet understood. Now, distributors are actually encouraged to use it for network marketing.

Years ago, my friend encouraged me to get on Facebook, and I thought, “Oh no, another inbox!” I resisted it, yet I quickly realized social media for network marketing is an excellent way to find leads, build my opt-in list, support my team, build community, and attract more people to our business. Now I think of this as one of the best resources we have in our industry.

Here are 5 Strategies for Leveraging Social Media for Network Marketing:

Strategy #1 — Be Social

It’s called social for a reason. Just as you meet people at work creator community , networking functions, barbeques, and your child’s sporting events, social media for network marketing is about connecting with others.

Look at people’s profiles and check out what pages they like, so you can find a common ground to start a conversation. Comment on and “like” other people’s posts. Spend time engaging back-and-forth on conversation threads.

Participating in groups is also a wonderful strategy for utilizing social media for network marketing. You can discover groups for just about any interest in LinkedIn, Facebook, and even Twitter, and cultivate relationships with other people who are interested in a common topic. And, remember to listen! If you are doing all the talking, then you are missing out.

Strategy #2 — Be Personal

Consider social media for network marketing just as you think of socializing in your day-to-day life. Share about yourself on a personal note and open up about things you care about. Just as it is in person, it is in social networking – If you only gab about your business, people’s eyes glaze over at some point.

In my own experience, whenever I share something personal like a birthday dinner, pictures from a trip I took, or even an insight I had while exercising, those are the posts that seem to spark the most comments.

Share from an authentic place, so your audience can see “you.” The more YOU comes out, the more you will draw the perfect people for you. The old saying “Stories sell, facts tell” is so true! Get personal by sharing stories, quotes of wisdom, genuine questions, and photos!

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