Many accidents could be prevented by common sense 안전놀이터  , proper adult supervision and safety guarding equipment. Defective equipment, unacceptable surfaces, and careless behavior are safety hazards of many playgrounds. Most of these playground safety hazards could have been prevented with the proper supervision and appropriate safety precautions.

We can make the playground a place of fun and that is safe for our children by simply checking equipment for hazards and keeping to some simple common sense guidelines.

Moms, Dads and Caregivers can play a role in playground accident prevention by taking a few easy precautions. Foremost, ensure when your child has proper adult supervision. Adult supervision will help prevent injuries by monitoring proper playground behaviour, checking and ensuring playground equipment is safe for fun and is the right equipment for the age of the child, and the surface is appropriate – not uneven where trips and falls are likely. Should an unfortunate accident occur, an adult can help the child by giving first aid if necessary.

Accidents often caused on the playground when young children are permitted to play on equipment they are not ready to play on. Generally, monkey bars, climbing gyms or frames, long slides and the bigger swings are intended for the older child’s entertainment, not the young children. And vice versa, keeping older children off playground equipment deemed to young for their age group is important for their safety – some equipment may not hold their weight.

Appropriate dress code for the playground will also help in the prevention of accidents. Dress children for play, avoid ties and hoody tops or jackets which easily get caught in equipment, and could cause as serious an injury as strangulation. The appropriate footwear should be worn on playgrounds. Flops, sandals and open summery shoes can easily get stuck in equipment, and due to the shoe’s lack of grip, a slip or fall is more likely.

Avoid children being allowed to play on equipment that does not have safety cushioning, which is reinforced with a shock absorbing surface should a fall occur. Surfaces to play on are gravel, mulch, sand, or safety cushion mats. Children shouldn’t be allowed to swing, slide or climb over a concrete surface. Ground and wall cushioning are used in schools, playgrounds and sports areas -the surface has dramatically reduced the risk of injury from trips, falls and collisions.

Caregivers should carry out inspection of all playground equipment to ensure it is in good working order. Look for areas which are worn out or rusty, and check the temperature of slides and metal surfaces during the summer months – metal slides and equipment can get very hot and cause unpleasant burns, especially to hands.

Finally, educate your child to play safe and by teaching them the rules of the playground will keep them safer and less prone to accidents.


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