To help every WoW player achieve the maximum efficiency playing a hunter in PvP, maximize their arena rating and their honor, I am writing this hunter PvP guide. The hunter is a very strong class in PvP, able to deal a lot of damage in a short amount of time. Playing a hunter is a lot of fun, but PvP gameplay is a lot different  than PvE, so, in order to master the PvP gameplay, there are a series of basics that any hunter must learn first. In this report I will describe what a hunter must do get the maximum potential of this class in any PvP situation.

The basics of playing a hunter

The first aspect that I’m going to cover in this hunter PvP guide concentrates on the PvP basics that any hunter must understand. As a hunter, you must know that you are a heavy ranged DPS class. The most important thing to know in any PvP situation is how to kite your melee or ranged opponents. You must use any ability that you have to slow them down, your traps, your pet, your melee slow attacks or your snare shots to keep them away. If the attacker is ranged, you need to shoot him from your maximum range and also learn how to run out of your opponents range to avoid their powerful attacks. Another very important thing is to know what pet to bring in PvP. The pet must have speed attacks, like charge or dash, to be always on your enemy to slow them down and damage them as well. Think at the pet as the half of your character and use it at its maximum potential. These are the basics that any hunter must master to dominate and win every fight. I will continue this hunter PvP guide describing the role and importance of a hunter in PvP battlegrounds.

The role of a hunter in PvP battlegrounds

The second aspect that I will cover in this WoW hunter PvP guide focuses on the battlegrounds. As a heavy ranged DPS a hunter is best suited for the assault of any point of interest that a battleground has. Mastering the kiting technique that I have mentioned in the basics section, when it comes to attack, I consider them the battlegrounds “mean machines”. Also being very hard to kill, especially if they have a healer with them, they can be very persistent defenders, so annoying at some points that the attackers lose their interest for that particular objective. In the battlegrounds with flags, hunters make excellent flag carriers using their aspect of the cheetah and, at the same time, slowing down their pursuers with their traps. These are the general aspects that a hunter must follow in battlegrounds PvP.

The role of a hunter in PvP arena

The third step of this WoW hunter PvP guide stands for the arena gameplay of a hunter. Even if the survivability spec was “buffed” lately, in my opinion, the Beast Mastery spec is ideal for arena. As I said in the previous paragraphs, the hunters are heavy damage dealers, and as fast as the battle begins, they must deal the maximum damage they can at the fastest rate aiming to kill one opponent as fast as possible. If the enemy doesn’t die, the gameplay of the hunter changes to kiting and luring the opponents away from the healer(s). The immunity granted by your BM is very discouraging for the opponents and they will even lose the interest in you, attacking others, therefore you can easily contribute at maximum power, to kill one or more players of the opponent team.

I hope my little hunter PvP guide will help you. I conclude saying that as a hunter, in any PvP battleground or any arena bracket, you are the guy who kill, the heavy DPS.


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