Classified ads are a method of advertising on newspaper, online or other media. Largely they are adverting placements divided into several categories in periodicals, newspapers, online portals and social networks. Nowadays job search starts with classified ads. In some countries twenty percent of jobs are filled daily through it. They also play an important role if you want to augment and promote your business online because of the availability of free classifieds.

In early times, public notices were scribbled on stones and dry leaves. local classified ads Today we look at those advertisements of the past and come to know about the culture, living style and basic human needs of that time. In mid seventieth century many books were printed that contained ads for property. In 1690, the first newspaper was published in the US. But the first classified ad was published in 1704 in Boston News Letter and from here the concept of advertising actually started and grew around the world. So many years have passed and people still search the newspaper for ads. But now it is mostly for employment, cars, houses, and home appliances. They are informative, cost-effective and convenient to every user.

You will be guessing why people turn to classified ads and why are these important in promoting online businesses. The first reason is that, you can find many free classifieds posting sites. This way you can sell your product and advertise for your services for free. If you have a product selling site then publishing a classified ad about it will attract many people increasing the traffic and that will surely boost your sales. It also saves your precious time and energy in this increasingly fast paced world. These days, shopping online is becoming a trend. As compared to newspaper, advertising online through classified advertising will open a huge global market for you because internet shortens the distance between everyone.

Classified ads are also an extensive source for finding the right job for you. They are beneficial for both client and employer. If you want to buy something but do not want to spend money in travelling, then classified advertising is an option for you. On the other side if you are a seller then through it you can reach a wide range of potential buyers. And if we talk about the online classifieds, then you can address to unlimited number of buyers.

Classified advertising is an efficient and simple way of buying and selling products anywhere in the world whether you are in South Africa or any other country. Today online classifieds are earning more revenue than newspaper classifieds. If you want to promote your products and services online free classifieds is one of your best options.

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