Of course a swimming pool is a great thing for your entire family. Not only is it fun, allowing your kids to splash around on those sunny weekend days, but a pool is also a great source of health allowing for the strength and conditioning swimming provides. Your mental wellbeing is also enhanced, as there is nothing more relaxing than a nice dip or float in your pool.

The most important aspect to your pools is the water itself. If we could all just swim in rain or tap water, you better believe there would be far more swimming pools across the nation! Alas, swimming pool water always needs to be treated with the chlorine in order to keep your family safe. Don’t forget that your pool, if not chemically treated, is essentially a stagnant body of water at risk of becoming a cesspool. And you certainly don’t want your family swimming around in a cesspool. Fortunately, there’s a solution used effectively since the dawn of the 1900s to keep pools swimmable and safe.

Chlorine To The Rescue
Originally used to make safe drinking water, chlorine has b hk pools een in use to keep safe swimming water for over a century. To put it simply, a safe amount of chlorine is placed into a pool in order to kill the bacteria that would be harmful to you and your family. Chlorine keeps your pool from becoming a cesspool due to stagnation. When used in tandem with proper maintenance, chlorine can assure a safe and fun time for anyone who enters your pool

Why You Need A Chemical Pool Service
So you know that chlorine kills the harmful bacteria in your pool, but that doesn’t mean you can just go dumping chlorine in the water. Chlorine generators are needed to evenly distribute a safe amount of chlorine into your pool. Even if you don’t own a chlorine generator, most pool service will bring one of their own to chlorinate your pool and maintain the levels on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Why take the risk of chlorinating your own pool when having too low a chlorine level can cause harmful bacteria to breed in your water? And when it comes to over chlorinating your pool, you and your fellow family swimmers can be faced with:


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