Lamp posts are a very elegant way of lighting the outside of your home and fit in well with any kind of architecture. There are many lamp post designs on the market which range from the modern to the traditional. Many of the modern designs are of Scandinavian construction and so not only are they supremely stylish with the clean lines which everyone has come to connect with pieces from that part of the world, but they are also made to withstand the harsh conditions of the far north, so will last for years. In fact many fittings you will find come with an amazing ten-year plus guarantee against corrosion.

If you decide to go for the more traditional kind of post light, these are very easily sourced and some are even solar-powered, which means that the only installation necessary is the hole that needs to be dug to bury the post in the ground. Some solar-powered models come with a detachable solar panel, so the post does not even need to be in a sunny spot to get its battery powered up, as the cable can be used to place the panel where it will be best. If you decide to go for a mains-powered lamp post, however, the installation is still not difficult and any competent electrician will be able to do it for you with the minimum of work. Amazing Posting

If you have a post lights at the end of your drive, do make sure that it is not going to be in the way of any large vehicles which may need to make the turn. It is all too easy to site something where it looks good, without taking into account delivery vans – or even the occasional appalling driver who might visit! A bent lamp post is certainly not an attractive way of marking the edge of your property and could even be dangerous. If you have a traditional lantern style lamp post installed, you will have the option to match it with other lanterns in a porch, on a wall or even in the hall. This gives a really good integrated look to the outside of your house and is very welcoming to visitors. The lanterns don’t have to be exactly the same, so you don’t have to make the decision right from the start. With a classic look such as this, it is enough that the lamps are of similar style.

Hopefully you now have a greater understanding of lamp post fitting and the benefits they offer to the right home. Whether you are trying to achieve a modern look or a classic and traditional feel to your home’s exterior, there is certainly enough choice on the market for you to find a great fitting and be more than satisfied.


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